We have always been enthusiastic PDF activists, and with the latest developments in Adobe Acrobat, we have great visions of PDF acceptance industry-wide. With the emergence of new PDF workflows from Creo, Scitex and AGFA, we can see that this will soon be a universally accepted standard. PDF has been the answer to many of our own workflow issues.

Several of our clients are local artists who wanted their artworks, which include paintings, ceramics & sculptures, cataloged as "sell sheets" for display during art festivals. By using the sell sheets, the artists were able to display and travel with less art pieces, but have a full representation of their works available to festival goers. There are at least 20 Chicagoland Neighborhood Festivals at which artists display and sell various original artwork and crafts.

One of our clients traveled 8 months out of the year, preparing artwork and gathering inspiration for the upcoming shows. When he was in town, his time was fully booked working on various privately commissioned projects. The only way that we were able to communicate with the client was through email. He provided us with slides or transparencies of his artwork, which then were scanned and retouched. A contact sheet of his scans was created in PhotoShop, placed in an InDesign document, exported to PDF and then sent to the client as an email attachment.

Take a look at an article from Adobe in regards to this workflow.