Hooters (the restaurant)
I really enjoy going to Hooters. I personally feel that their hot wings are the best in the business. I have always been treated with respect and made to feel welcome. Many moons ago, I was a hotel & restaurant evaluator on the side, and Hooters happened to be one of my clients, so, needless to say, I have been to a lot of Hooters. Some are a bit "blonder" than the others, but it general; they always get my order right. Let’s drop all the silly feminism issues - who cares what the waitresses wear - and just get down to the wings, which are awesome. Hooters – it’s not just for men.

Don’t sweat the small stuff – life is too short. I have realized that it’s not worth it to get too worked up about things that you have no control over. You can plan for the future, but put your concentration into today, and what is current in your life. Take care of yourself – inside and out. In the end, that may be all that you have.

Is there any true thing as "the one"?
You know the person that helps you to fulfill your hopes, dreams, and aspirations. The one that accepts you for you, bad habits and all. The one that understands you even when you don’t know what you are saying. The one that loves you unconditionally. Wow, unconditional love, is it really out there? How do I find it? Does it come from within, as in you get what you give? Searching.

Rocky Horror Picture Show
A time in my life when all was simple – no expectations, obligations or commitments. Work when I wanted. Friends, too many to count. Reality, often bypassed. Yes, there are a couple of photos in the outrageous oddities area. I will write more about this, another day.